Community Guidelines

  • If you are a bus or train operator, you are welcome to discuss the Tixys platform and ask questions in this forum, but please respect the following rules.

    When you post a support request:

    1. Write in English. We are not able to answer in other languages.
    2. Make sure to mention your shop’s URL. You must be the administrator of the shop to obtain support.
    3. Explain precisely and in detail what your problem is. Provide enough information for others to reproduce your problem.
    4. Do not post confidential information such as customer names, e-mail adresses or ticket codes.
    5. Be patient, it may take some time until somebody answers your question.

    Generally, we ask you to respect some common rules:

    1. Be nice.
    2. Do not spam, rant or troll.
    3. Do not post copyrighted material without permission. If you post copyrighted content with permission, make sure to credit your source appropriately.
    4. Stay on topic. Anything that is not related to operating a Tixys shop is considered off-topic.
    5. If you see an objectionable post, please notify us.

    As this is a commercial support forum, we will be very strict when it comes to moderating contents:

    1. Posts with strong language, rants, spam, NSFW or copyright infringements will be edited or removed.
    2. Posts in other languages than English will be removed, as we are not able to moderate or answer them.
    3. Off-topic posts and non-sense posts (e.g. “bump”) will be removed.
    4. Support requests with questions that are answered in the documentation or an earlier forum discussion will be closed.
    5. Users failing to respect the community rules will be banned.

    If you have any questions regarding these guidelines or the forum in general, please open a new discussion in the Meta category.

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